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The Gingerbread Hotel


The Gingerbread Hotel is perfectly situated on the Belmont Walkway between the Admiralty Bay Harbour and Princess Margaret Beach.  

 It is a truly is great little spot to absorb Bequia's stunning views, friendly atmosphere and relaxed culture. 

A Sweet Little Café


 The Gingerbread Café is a perfect meeting spot for visitors, expatriates and local residents.  Breakfast and lunch are served under the shade of a large almond tree.  Coffee, tea , juices, beer and pastries are available all day. 

A Bequia Connection


Looking out to the Caribbean sea, Gingerbread is a favorite connection spot for residents and visitors.  The Gingerbread  Hotel has on-site a beautiful garden, spa services, a tennis court and a jetty that is perfect for divers or those who prefer to travel by sea.  

Located On-Site


Tennis Court

Guests can take advantage of Bequia's only tennis court where the Caribbean phrase "One - Love" takes on a knew meaning.   

Dive Shop

Dive Bequia is only a few footsteps away, so walk (or wade) over to the dive jetty where you can begin your underwater adventures.

Vintages Bequia

If you want to watch sunset while enjoying a glass of wine, you can always buy your own bottle at the spirits and wine shop. 

Marianne's Ice Cream Parlor

Try a scoop of fresh nutmeg ice cream, lime sorbet or perhaps some mango frozen yogurt for a refreshing treat.

Sunny Day Spa

Help heal the spirit and the body with a hour massage, manicure, pedicure or perhaps a reflexology treatment.   

The Grenadines Collection

Whether you want to book a day trip to the Tobago Cays on the Friendship Rose or find out about some Bequia real-estate, you can visit their office to get the information you need.

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